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New and Traditional Acoustic Celtic Music

Skye’s long-awaited second CD, “Storm Watch” (2009), is finally here!  It’s been ten years now since this somewhat elusive celtic band based in Eugene, Oregon, released a new album.  Some of the band’s more devoted and outspoken fans have opined (with a certain weariness in their voices) that the title of the group’s previous CD, “It’s About Time” (1999) would have been equally suitable — or even more so — for the band’s latest release.  Be that as it may.  We hope our fans will agree after hearing “Storm Watch” that the album was worth waiting for!

In “Storm Watch” listeners will discover more of what they have come to expect from Skye — beautiful melodies and closely-knit female vocal harmonies, together with complex and imaginative instrumental arrangements.  Like “It’s About Time,” this new album offers both newly composed tunes and fresh arrangements of traditional songs.   With the addition of Glen Waddell to the band in 2006 (replacing former guitarist and vocalist Michael Kevin Daly), Skye expanded its palette of sounds to include baritone voice, the wistful and reedy Scottish small pipes, pennywhistle, and the dusky, evocative low whistle, in addition to the fiddles, guitar, octave mandolin, recorder, and bodhran heard on the group’s earlier recordings.

Praised for its polished and sophisticated approach, Skye has over the past twenty years created a sound that is uniquely its own — a sound that appeals to people of nearly all ages, ranging from die-hard celtic music fans to classical music lovers.  Skye fans are an amazingly loyal bunch.  What is it about our music that people love so much?  What has compelled our small but devoted group of fans to so doggedly stick with a band that releases albums only every eight or nine years on average, and performs only slightly more often?  I guess you would have to ask them — or better yet, buy the CD and decide for yourself! 

Skye extends heartfelt thanks to all of our listeners, old and new, for supporting our music over the years.   We hope you enjoy our latest musical offering!

You can reach us by phone at (541) 343-7164, or by email at  Or, if you prefer, you can write to us the old-fashioned way at: Skye, P.O. Box 3995, Eugene, Oregon 97403.